February News

February 16, 2023

This week marks the end of the early finish for our kindergarten children, staff will pick the children up from the OOSH meeting spot outside the school office at 3.25 starting next Monday.

Please notify your child’s kindy teacher of days they will be attending OOSH. Remind your child in the morning and make sure they have their OOSH band. If you don’t have one, let one of our staff know and we will supply one.

We have welcomed a lot of new children to before and after school care.
They are all settling in really well and showing a great deal of confidence.

You will also notice a few new staff. Some of our staff have finished their degrees and have moved on to pursue jobs in their chosen fields. We would like to welcome Jazmin, Amaan and Robbie. All ex OOSHies and students of Avalon School. Please introduce yourself and feel free to have a chat to make them feel welcome.

This week we have started to decorate the centre with our Australian themed wall. The kids have all had a wonderful time contributing with their artwork. Selena suggested that we use the trees on our mural to track the children’s height, the kids are enjoying learning how tall our staff are and the heights of their friends.

We are still fully booked from Monday to Thursday, thank you to those of you who relinquished spots so that others could take them. Please remember the importance of advising us if your child is not going to attend either before or after school care. Please remember when you have a permanent booking for either before or after school care, payment for the spot is required regardless of attendance. If there are special circumstances an email request will be considered.

This term we have started an After School Sports program on Wednesdays. This is a trial run, if the children show an interest, we may keep it going next term and add another day. Please encourage your children to participate.

We are always looking for new ideas to improve our centre, please feel free to contribute in any way. We would love your favourite recipes, craft ideas and anything interesting to know from your cultural background.

Please feel free to give us a call or an email if ever you have a question to would like answered.

Thank you for your continued support.