Easter Vacation Care News

March 17, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Easter holiday program is up on our website today.  Please book your days early as we have a limit on the number of children we are able to accept into the program.   Don’t forget to check your account is up to date as we are unable to accept a request for care if there are any outstanding fees. Please use the following link

At Avalon OOSH we believe that children today lead very structured lives. After a full day of school, some starting quite early, they have music, choir, sports training etc. in the afternoons.  Then of course there’s weekend activities.  We feel that our service should offer the kids as much free play as possible and the freedom to choose what activities they wish to participate in, especially after school.  We encourage the children to take part in craft activities but appreciate that not all kids are crafty.  Some would rather sit and read or do a puzzle, play sport and games and prefer to play in the dirt, make forts and generally do their own thing.  Some days they are just tired and want to chill out in front of a movie.  We want them to have freedom of choice as we believe that childhood is a very short time in life and a time to be treasured.  Our program is very loosely structured to allow children to have this freedom.

Each year we complete a Quality Improvement Plan – QIP.  This is done in conjunction with our families, children and staff.  Since  Avalon OOSH is a service run by our parents your input is always needed if we are to continue to provide your children with their best OOSH experiences.  We will be sending a link to a short survey before the end of term. We hope you will take the time to complete it.

As always, thank you all for your continued support, have a great weekend and stay cool.