Week 1 Vacation Care Wrap Up

July 7, 2023

First week of the holidays is almost over and what a week it has been!

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to see some of the fun activities we have provided this week!

We welcomed our chickens on Monday morning with two chicks, a clutch of chicken eggs and three duck eggs. They have progressively hatched each day, we now have 8 little chicks. We are still waiting for our ducklings to emerge.

Our first ‘Minute to Win it’ day was a huge success with lots of crazy games and spontaneous fun. Both the children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves with a resounding request from the kids “please can we do it again”. The pink team won the inaugural gold cup.

On Wednesday we had a great excursion, taking 80 children to Avalon Cinema, now there’s a challenge! They were all very well behaved walking to the cinema and back just in time for Newport Pizza Hut to deliver 30 pizzas. We reckon the staff at the pizza hut were kept busy for a couple of hours getting that order ready for us.

As this week is NAIDOC week, we have been celebrating all week with craft and art activities. The children had great fun designing Boomerangs, Bullroarers and even weaving baskets!

Today (Friday) we had a visit from “Feathered Friends’. The kids all had the opportunity to handle some owls and large birds and learn all about them and their envioronments.

We are fully booked for Wednesday and Thursday next week, we currently still have a few spots available for the rest of the week.

We hope your kids are coming home tired and dirty, having had a great day, we look forward to seeing you next week. Have a great weekend everyone.