May 6, 2022

Once again thank you to everyone who attended our Parents night last Thursday evening.

We would like to invite all parents to attend our first Committee Meeting next Tuesday at 6.30pm. We usually keep our meetings pretty short and sweet as we do understand that coming out to a meeting after working all day is not everyones cup of
tea, however perhaps a glass of wine and some nibbles could entice you. In future we will conduct our committee meeting the week before the P & C meeting so we can tender our report.

We really need parental support to run the centre as decisions made by us are based on your needs, making your input very welcome.

Could everyone please, please, please check lost property from the school holidays. All school clothing left at the end of term has been taken to the school lost property. There is still a lot left over from the school holidays. We will be disposing of it all on Friday 13th if not collected.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend and Happy Mothers day to all our Mums, Nanas, Aunties, Stepmums and “other mothers” we are all lucky enough to have. We hope you all enjoy your cold cups of tea and soggy toast.