Winter Vacation Care

June 9, 2023

It’s here!!!!!

Our vacation care program will be available to view on our website tonight, along with the booking form for any days you require.

We have a fantastic program planned for the kids by the kids themselves.
We have turned one of our cupboard doors into a huge whiteboard where the kids have been writing their ideas for their holidays, some of the ideas have been ridiculously crazy so we have made modifications to accommodate them.  We are really looking forward to seeing the kids enjoy their vacation care.  Remember that what you see on the program is only an indication of the day’s activities.  Surprises always happen where children are steering the ship, and we encourage them to make their own fun.

Please get your bookings in quickly as we are limited to the number of children we can accept into the program daily and don’t forget to complete permission form for both excursions if your child is attending.  We cannot take children away from the centre without written permission from parents or guardians.  Please follow the link to secure your booking:-

Also please remember that when you submit your booking form, you can only book days with availability.  If you can’t tick the box it’s because we are fully booked on that day.  You will receive a confirmation message when your booking form has been submitted, along with an email copy for your records.

We have already begun work on the Spring Vacation Care program.  Please encourage your kids to talk to us about their ideas or write on the whiteboard suggestions for the holidays.  If any parents have any talents – carpentry, cooking, art, jewelry making etc you would like to share for an hour or two, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Thank you all for your continued support.  We hope you all enjoy the long weekend, don’t forget double demerits, drive safe.